10 best things that happen if you work from home.

A lot of people find out when they work at home a simple fact; It’s the best. They are more accomplished in their work; they are more focused, less tired, and more ready for work. A lot of people love working from home because they get to work at home in their pajamas and wear whatever they please to work instead of uncomfortable high heels and professional looking clothes. Although, there is a lot more reasons why I (and you should) believe that companies should switch to a more effective way of running their employees and I am here to showcase them to you now. This is the “ten best things that happen if you work from home”.

10. Avoid the commute

Cutting the commute, as I hear, is one of the amazing joys of working from home. There is no more money wasted on bus tickets, train tickets, petrol or bike repairs as, when you wake up, you are already at work. The only commute you’ll need to do at home is work from your bed to the computer and that isn’t that difficult compared to getting up, getting dressed, getting in the shower, going outside, starting the car, driving to work, getting to your computer.

9. Productivity during work

A lot of people I’ve listened to say that working from home would not be wonderful as it would decrease the productive. You know who disagrees with you? Stanford University. One Stanford study found that people who work from home are thirteen percent more productive than those that work in the office.

8. Meetings are actually enjoyable.

No one enjoys physical meetings. No one enjoys getting twenty or more people in a room and having to discuss what could have been sent out in an email or discussed easily on a chat room. Although, if you work remotely, you’ll have more effective meetings. As what takes forty five minutes to say will only take fifteen minutes, as you can all, if you are using a service such as Skype, add comments while the speaker is talking. This streamlines conversation easily and can make meetings more effective. Luckily, if there is an important document everyone needs, you can send it before or during the meeting using the video chat. More streamlined, easier, more enjoyable.

7. You can avoid office talk.

You can’t pick your co­workers and, if you are stuck with people you don’t enjoy, your work isn’t going to be fun. Although, if you are working from home, you have yourself as company and no one you find annoying or no one you hate. It’s a way to feel better about your workspace.

6. Your schedule; You make it.

If you work from home, your schedule is very flexible. If you are doing coding because you’re a web developer or a coder, then your wake up and get to work schedule is very flexible as long as you provide the code by the deadline. It is possible to put eight hours of work in without having to wake up as early as eight am. There is a clear, clear reason that waking up when you want will help you out as you work. I don’t even have to say the reason, do I?

5. You’ll save money.

Between commuting, driving, petrol, clothes, and many other little expenses that go into working in the modern era, most are just gone. You won’t have to step into a suit or polished shoes, you won’t have to eat a snack on the way there, and you won’t have to waste your money on gas. You’ll save on almost anything and everything. You’ll be glad.



4. Live where you want.

You won’t have to live within driving distance of where you work. Which means you can live wherever you desire. Whatever your dream living environment is you can make a plan now to turn it into a reality. This is all because your office doesn’t have to be in an office block, it is simply your home.

3. You’ll never have to worry about a boss again.

You won’t have a prying boss looking over your shoulder and breathing down your neck, you’ll be your own boss with your own way of working. You can be your own micro­manager and you can work the way you want. You will be your own boss and, I suspect, you’ll enjoy that.

2. You’ll be healthier.

The office place is a very easy place to pick up illnesses and bugs from. Working from home allows you to be as healthy as the home you keep and not to get any stomach bugs from your cubicle neighbors.

1. You can’t be fired or laid off.

You have control of your financial destiny and future well­being. No one can rip it away from you at a moment’s notice.