Best Ways to Find Work From Home Opportunities

One of the awesome and flexible things about technological advancements is that it enables you to work from anywhere you want just with an internet connection. This is why; most of the people in recent generation are inclined towards working from home. The traditional jobs that make us work from 9-5 are becoming nothing but hectic due to their abstract implementation of work schedule in today’s life of Internet of Things and cloud-based framework. The reason people prefer home based jobs is because they can just login virtually from anywhere across the world, do the legitimate work within in the scheduled hours and get paid for it. However, quitting a conventional job and adapting home-based lifestyle is not as easy as you think. Involving many other things; finding a reliable and secure platform that can curate home based jobs is not possible. Beating the odds, here’s a list of 10 places to look for work from home opportunities. Have a look!

  1. Being listed at the top, this job portal is the best in offering home based jobs as of now. It is user-friendly and can be navigated easily while hosting many writer, programmer, engineer, developer job listings. You can filter the jobs based on categories accordingly. For example, if you’re looking for a software developer job; you will find them abundant and 10 times more than other jobs listed here. By clicking on the link, you will get the full description and application methodology.
  2. Flex Jobs: The name itself speaks for the site. Flex Jobs offers both part time and full time including the freelance works. It has researchers who comb through the search results of the jobs and filter the companies by validating them. The posting is only done after validation and therefore the fraud count is very less here. Though you can access some jobs opportunities for free, bulk database is only available for paid users. You can either choose the monthly plan of paying $14.95 or yearly plan of $49.95 based on your need. The minute you pay, you will get unlimited access to the job listings. You can also create a profile where you can upload your samples, CV, Resume, Skills and expertise for people to have a gander at. If you’re not satisfied for the service, you can also ask for a cash back.

  1. Virtual Vocations: This site has listings of almost every industry under the sun including nursing, paralegal, bookkeeping It acknowledges the impossibility of finding legitimate work and therefore does the legwork before posting the job offers only after validating them. The free registration will give you daily offers, history of jobs, alerts, saving of jobs, Resume Storage, Application documents and a handbook. If you’re willing to take a step up, you can also get an adequate discount for weekly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly payments.
  2. We Work Remotely: Yes! They do work remotely by featuring jobs in copywriting, customer service, system administration, programming and more. Every single category will indicate you when a new job post is made with the time, for example like “24 hours ago”. By this, you can keep a track on new listings since the last time you have visited the site. Though it’s a basic site; it has the tendency to get things done easily and you can also connect to them on Twitter for more info.
  3. Authentic Jobs: Often we see people being caught in scams while applying for the online jobs. The authentic job has put the word “Authentic” for this particular reason. It doesn’t cite every Tom, Dick, and Harry offers but openings from renowned companies like HP, ESPN, Apple, Facebook, and other major companies. One more explicit feature of it is that it offers 1% of its monthly revenue to charities, NGOs and other educational institutions that work for the welfare of the country and poor people.
  4. Working Nomads: The word ‘Nomad’ stands for a wanderer. If you are a person who loves to travel a lot and still keep working throughout; this site is the perfect fit for you as the name represents. You can find numerous job offers in the technological field coming from design, development to marketing and management. This site is simple and sophisticated without any chaos. All you need to do is log in, check the listings, filter them with your preferences and go through them before applying. You will get notified when a job post is done as they keep a check on your data search, and therefore you can always apply for a new job in no time.
  5. Skip the Drive: Named after the main aspect of the home-based work; it offers many job positions without any registration. In one word, no strings attached. The site even incorporates a calculation which helps you in estimating the money and time you can save through the portal. You can find many genuine job listings here even from companies that are listed in Fortune 500. The industries covered are Word Press, PHP, Finance, Management, Linux, Data Analytics, Recruiter, Social Media and more.
  6. Remote OK: The name means that it’s entirely OK to work from home remotely. You can search the database which is full of internships, part-time jobs, freelancing jobs, full-time jobs and also contracting jobs. The best part is that it lists the average salary and no of positions available for the particular company. The categories page contains the industries, software, specific skills and expertise listed. Though most of the jobs here are technology oriented, you can also find interesting positions in startups and therefore, it’s worthy to give it a try.
  7. One more outlet which runs on offering work from home jobs from beginner to a professional categorized accordingly. It even has jobs listed under the tag saying, “Home based Jobs for Moms.” The site personally validates each and every listing and posts them only after making sure that they actually exist. Once applied, you will get into contact with the hiring manager and proceed further accordingly.
  8. Remote Working: Though standing last in the list; this site is peculiar to other sites. It doesn’t give you the job offers but rather gives you a mailing list of companies where you can apply based on the position you want. You can also follow them on Twitter for more notifications and offers of the latest home based jobs. There’s a high possibility that the hiring managers reply to you on mail when applied from here.