10 Reasons to work for a Canadian firm as a freelancer

Oh, the land of the kind and the home of the charitable, Canada is a wonderful place for freelancing. Not only it is stereotypically and actually a really kind place, a diverse culture, and more hockey than you can shake a stick at, it also has a great culture for freelancers. It is one of the best places to freelance and I will tell you why.

10. There is a lot of support for freelancers.

The government of Canada provides a lot for freelancers. They provide very small loans, financial support and advice, they even provide start­up funds to freelancers (this is also applicable to small business owners). Also, many organizations work with the Canadian government to give financial support to aspiring business owners, also known as freelancers. This would easily help freelancers to put their feet up and not worried about bills all the time.

9. You don’t require a work permit in Canada.

If you actually attempt to go to Canada to work for your firm, then you’ll have a good time. Even every year, there are thousands of international business visitors travels to Canada to work with their respective Canadian companies. There is one good thing to that; Business visitors do not require a work permit. This is because of the definition of a business visitor is “a business visitor is someone who comes to Canada to engage in international business activities without directly entering the Canadian labor market”. This means, if you head to Canada, you will not require a work permit to work there, you’ll save some money.

8. If you do visit Canada, there is another added benefit; publicly funded healthcare.

Canada’s publicly funded healthcare is an amazing thing to add to the list. This is a reason many freelancers and small business owners can start strong in the Canadian community. For workers in America for example, leaving a large company that gave them insurance benefits in the beginning, the workers who start a freelance career can mean giving up access to adequate coverage. This isn’t an issue for Canadian workers, who continue to have access to free healthcare, regardless of whether they are receiving benefits from their employers. This helps many freelancers and small business owners as they don’t have to worry about injuries or unwanted illnesses ruining their business.

7. Living costs aren’t that high if you go to Canada to freelance.

Why a lot of people love freelancing in Thailand, the reason is some of the dirt cheap prices for accommodations. One person even told me that the prices for accommodation are ridiculously cheap. This is that rent and internet costs are only one hundred and sixty dollars a month. This is not the case in Canada, sadly. Of course, the prices in are not high like Manhattan, but there is the issue that renting a studio in Vancouver or a similar place like Toronto, places like that are over 900 dollars a month. Although, compared to Thailand, Canada has good salaries and, although it is an expensive country, the balance between salary and living is not horrible. Thailand and Canada are similar in that respect. So, if you make good money, you will be fine living in Canada.

6. High speed internet in Canada can be cheap.

Comparing myself to this situation, I made around sixty five dollars from three days of doing some work of my own. This work is not my real job; it is simply a side for some extra cash. High speed internet in Canada costs around thirty five dollars a month, this allows any freelancer to quickly and cost effectively talk to clients, book with possible customers, and keep up with what is going on in the world. If I can purchase high speed internet in Canada, I think someone can if they did excellent work.

5. Movement within Canada.

If you are working freelance within Canada, one of the things to meet people who wish to hire you is transport. There is simply no easy way to say; You may have to get up and go outside. This makes having a car a must within Canada as you can easily transverse the great landscape quickly and efficiently with a car. Luckily for many drivers with Canada, oil prices are a lot lower when comparing within Europe. This makes petrol/gasoline cheaper, so it is much easier to drive to different places quickly without worry for gas money. If the distance is too far, you can always fly domestically using Air Canada which is cheap, comparing it to driving all that way. To fly from Toronto to Montreal, you would only have to pay $289 if you were saying there for three days; The day you fly in, the day you’re working, the day you fly out. Simple as that.

4. Having friends is a surefire way to get work.

Did you know the top fifty business people in Canada are all well connected and friendly with one another? Canada Business reported that they had common colleges or universities and some even being a part of the same family. This means having friends, talking to people and even just going to school can really help your freelance career within Canada. One of the major points is that sixty five to eighty five percent of jobs in Canada were found through networking. Canada, quite frankly, has a system that prides itself on the freelance operation model because Canada rewards having a client base and networking, which is what freelancing is all about. Canada rewards freelancers.

3. You can write off home expenses (some).

The Canadian government defines a “business expense” to be “a reasonable expense for running and managing your business”. For freelancers, this could mean phone bills (parts of them) to even the internet. One example of this is that if your home office takes up twenty percent of your property, you can claim twenty percent interest. This includes property tax, insurance, and utilities.

2. Tax numbers.

Within Canada, you don’t need a tax number (an identifying number for your taxes) until your income is around thirty thousand. So, there is plenty of time to being a freelancer before incorporating.

1. Accents

Many people believe they wouldn’t understand Canadians but the reality is this. Only some of them might have thicker accent, but most have never had issues with foreigners understanding their speech. With dependable internet too, video calling isn’t an issue.