2020s’ Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Jobs in Europe

Are you looking to launch a career in digital marketing? Well, do not doubt your move because it’s towards the right direction. The digital marketing world continues to evolve and advance, giving rise to limitless job positions, career paths, and new opportunities. Digital marketing covers a wide array of skills, thus guaranteeing something for everyone in this industry.

You can opt to pursue graphic design, data analysis, or settle for content writing. Whichever the case, you are in for one of the most in-demand jobs in Europe this year. It is actually possible to land a digital marketing job and earn a handsome salary without a college degree.

Have a look at seven of the 2020s’ top digital marketing careers in Europe.

Digital Marketing Manager

They are a vital part of the marketing team and should have a broad understanding of the industry and its operations. As a digital marketing manager, you need to stay updated on the constantly changing marketing trends. You should also keep abreast of the best tools for; data and traffic analysis, recording, social media management, project management, CRM systems, website building, and hosting platforms. Working in collaboration with the rest of the team members, a digital marketing manager facilitates smooth communication between the industry departments. Marketing professionals in this role are also in charge of the marketing team’s general operations right from initial planning phases to implementation. They are also responsible for experiment evaluation, designing, and building marketing strategies, including social media platforms.

Expected Salary Range

Like other marketing managers, digital marketing managers take home over $81000 EU per year.

Content Strategists

A content strategist’s primary role is to develop content that is in line with the company’s objectives to target the client’s needs. To be effective for this role, you should have a firm understanding of SEO and expert-writing skills. However, there is so much more to being a content strategist than being an incredible writer. Creating quality content that can be used across numerous channels is important. It is also essential that content experts stay informed of significant existing and emerging industry trends. This helps them produce the most relevant, robust, and useful content, which further progresses the company’s reputation. A strong, SEO optimized content is one of the most thoughtful approaches that content strategists use to drive traffic to their company’s online platforms.

A content strategist can also be in charge of social media operations, developing the editorial calendar, or coordinating a writer’s team.

Salary Expectation

Working as a content strategist guarantees you around $65000 EU annually.

User Experience Designer (UX Designer)

User experience designers are experts in design, technology as well as human behavior. They create websites and digital marketing apps aimed at informing clients of a particular product or service offer. The websites are also meant to encourage and persuade customers to put money into the product or complete the final action. Also, UX designers evaluate the ease of usability and the user experience of the websites to the consumers. Their primary objective is to facilitate a smooth-running process for their clients and ultimate customer experience. This then amounts to increased sales, higher customer loyalty, and a good reputation for the company.

Potential Earning

A beginner UX designer’s salary range can be as low as $40000 EU, while an experienced professional earns an annual salary of $120,000 EU.

Email Marketing Specialist

An email marketing specialist focuses on creating emails aimed at informing and persuading customers to take part in particular company offerings. Excellent writing skills and persuasive language are vital for this role. An email marketing specialist should be an excellent copywriter and editor with a comprehensive understanding of important marketing aspects. Its one of the most effective techniques for nurturing leads and directing traffic to a specific product or service. Email marketing specialists are also responsible for creating email lists, newsletters, and monitoring campaigns, launches, and PR activities.

Salary Expectation

An email marketing specialist earns an annual salary of $40655 EU based on experience.

Social Media Assistant

They connect companies with their clients through social media platforms. Social media assistants are commonly hailed as the ‘voice of the company.’ As such, you must possess excellent, persuasive, and creative communication skills. This way, you are sure to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. In cooperation with the social media manager, a social media assistant creates engaging content synonymous with the brand guidelines. The content is used across the company’s social media platforms to engage customers. As a social media assistant, you need to be ahead of the latest marketing trends to increase social media following.

Salary Range

A social media assistant earns $34546USD annually.

Graphic Designers

They are visual communicators, responsible for creating attractive, authentic, and visual concepts to market the company. Graphic designers play various roles in the marketing team, including enhancing the brand guidelines. As a graphic designer, you need to ensure that all communication, whether online or offline, aligns with preset guidelines. You are also responsible for the proper incorporation of key design elements in a project. These elements include advertising, web, logo, and email template designing. A graphic designer should be an exemplary team player as this role calls for extensive collaborations with the marketing team and other business members. They also closely associate with the client and thus must be great communicators.

Salary Range

The salary range for a graphic designer can vary depending on the industry. They range from $53000 EU on a low end and $65000–$ 81000 EU on a high end.

Data Analysts and AI Specialists

Artificial Intelligence is among the newest and rampantly thriving technologies that will be here for a long time to come. AI specialists and data analysts are responsible for creating systems used to analyze business data, which is then used to improve the company’s marketing strategies. To become a data analyst, you need a technical degree and a strong foundation in computer science. You also need vast experience in data optimization, machine learning, and a deep understanding of programming.

Salary Expectation

A data analysis earns approximately $81000 EU annually while an AI specialist earns twice the salary.