Blue Card Making It Easier to Access the EU

Countries around the EU have had to deal with labor shortages over the last few years. While you can easily find moderately skilled and unskilled workers almost everywhere, highly skilled and well-educated workers are quite difficult to find. The expansion of industries such as medical research and IT means that the demand for workers keeps rising. This is negatively impacting the economic growth in the area. Business leaders and local governments have been searching for different ways to draw more skilled laborers into the EU.

Thanks to the Blue Card, this shouldn’t be a problem. This card should be able to attract a number of technically savvy, educated individuals from around Asia. The Blue Card isn’t meant to be a residency option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of skills. It is aimed solely at those who are extremely qualified.

France started a similar program like this one quite some time ago. The provision is going to make it far more readily available. All of the EU countries, except Denmark, Ireland and the UK, have adopted the program. The number of spots available for all of the incoming workers is going to vary from one area to the next. Every country has to determine what they are going to allow. Blue Cards allow migrants to be able to stay in the country of their choosing for anywhere from one year up to four years or up to three months after the end date of their approved work contract.


One of the main components of these cards is to make sure that migrant workers are given the same type of treatment that anyone else is in the country. These individuals will get to take advantage of things like pay and dismissal requirements, training and education requirements, qualification recognition and procedures for obtaining counseling services and housing. Those who hold one of these cards can move about in the country without having to worry about any restrictions, just like a regular citizen or resident.

After spending 18 months in the host country, the worker and their respective family are eligible for relocation to another country that supports the card. This program is one of the best moves that the EU has made to get skilled workers into the country. An educated workforce is healthy for the economy.