Coming to Italy as a Skilled Worker

Highly skilled laborers are able to come to work in Italy by applying for the Blue Card. The card was introduced by legislative decree 108/2012 and became available on August 8, 2012. It brings about efficient and common rules that allow non-EU foreigners to work in the EU where there is a shortage of workers right now.

The card creates a fast-track admission procedure for any foreigners and ensures they have a common set of economic and social rights equal to an EU national. All member states, with the exception of Ireland, the UK and Denmark, are bound by these directives. Employers in Italy are allowed to bring in these skilled workers anytime during the year, without having to wait for the government to publish the Quota Agreement.


Cards can be issued to:

  • Foreigners who are living abroad
  • Foreigners who are legally living in another member state of the EU
  • Foreigners who are legally living in Italy
  • Foreign holders of the EU Blue Card as issued by another one of the member states

Blue Cards cannot be issued to any of the following:

  • Foreigners who are living in Italy and working as a researcher
  • Foreigners in Italy with a temporary international protection permit, or those who applied for this permit or are in the country for humanitarian reasons
  • Family members of an EU citizen who might be benefitting from the right to move freely about
  • Seasonal workers
  • A foreign employee who is on a secondment in Italy
  • Any foreigner entering the EU via an agreement facilitating entry and stays of a certain category of investment or business
  • Any foreigner given expulsion orders, even if these orders were suspended
  • Foreigners that hold an EC long-term residence permit in Italy or another EU member state