Filipino Workers in High Demand in the European Union

Based on a current press release, Europe is in dire need of more laborers to fill a void in their country. The population is raging rather rapidly and the number of people in the workforce continues to decline with each passing year. Because of this, there are plans underway to help get more skilled laborers into the area, while still restricting them to the medium to long-term.

In the UK, there is a shortage of healthcare, engineering, construction and education tourism professionals, among other fields. The shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers has been going on since 2012, leaving many unable to get the care they need due to not having enough laborers in the field.


Some of the common types of nurses in demand are those of an anesthetic nurse, operating theatre nurse, scrub nurse, critical care nurse and so on. Other European Union countries such as Sweden, Spain, Finland and the Czech Republic are dealing with high unemployment because of the global recession.

There are plenty of employment opportunities for foreign nationals over the next five years in countries like Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands and various other parts of Europe like Iceland and Norway are taking part in the Blue Card directive. This is opening the labor market to skilled professionals and workers in medicine, nursing, information technology and engineering in a way that was never before thought possible.