France Blue Card Makes Living and Working in France Easier Than Ever for Skilled Laborers

Foreign nationals who possess high skills will be able to work and live in France temporarily with the help of the new Blue Card. It will also help to attract long-term residents to the EU. Legalized professionals coming from third-world countries will be able to work and reside in the area and work on acquiring residency on a long-term basis. Once France’s government finalizes the minimum salary requirements for this particular program, the card will be available in just two months.

If you held one of these Blue Cards for longer than 18 months, you are automatically qualified for the French Blue Card. You do need at least five years of work experience of a three-year degree to be approved for this card. You also need to have an employment contract that is going to last for longer than a year. Minimum wages for these employees have to be at least 1.5 times more than the minimums set for other countries.

Since you don’t need a visa to gain entry to the country, you will have to apply for one of these cards in just 30 days of arriving to the country. Applications have to be forwarded to the jurisdiction where you are going to reside. After the application is completed, you can expect to get an answer within 90 days.

Expect the Blue Card to last for about three years. It could expire before that based on the length of the work contract you have been offered. Dependents are allowed to live and work in France through a combined permit to work and live that is valid for one year and renewable each year as long as the primary individual’s card is still valid.

After being in the EU for a minimum of five years, the card holder and their dependents will be eligible for long-term residency permits as long as they have spent the last 24 months in France.